Why Your Business Needs Digital Asset Management

Any company that works with digital assets should recognise how important it is to manage them effectively. Having backup systems and high quality software to allow better organisation, sending and retrieval of digital assets like audio, video and images not only prevents hard drive failure from ruining business and putting you back by weeks or months, but also allows you better productivity and communication between team members.

Digital asset management makes searching faster

Efficiency is everything, especially in a business with such fierce competition as photography, web development and graphic design. Customers have strict deadlines and being able to keep up with demand can mean the difference between a satisfied client and lost future revenue. Digital asset management systems let you find the assets you want when you need them.

Tag your assets with descriptive keywords, organise and retrieve them with ease. DAM software ensures your images, video and audio are always easy to find on any machine that has access to your stored data in the cloud.

Centralised data location

Online DAM software puts all of your assets in one place while letting as many computers as you require have access. Anyone of your team members or employees can store their data in the cloud and access it from any machine. This enables groups to easily work on projects together from anywhere in the world, removing location restrictions and, again, improving efficiency.

Protect your data

Lost data can lead to huge costs and lost revenue. digital asset management There’s nothing worse than assets going missing, especially when there are no recent backups to save you. Hard drive failure and human error can lead to incredibly frustrated clients, but digital asset management ensures you always have your work available even if a hard drive fails.

Repurpose old assets

After use, assets are often lost on hard drives, tucked away in folders never to be seen again. Because DAM software gives you the ability to go back through old assets with ease, search using keywords and tags to find what you’re looking for and see high quality previews of assets without having to hunt through hundreds of folders and subfolders, old assets get repurposed and reused.

Living in this modern age of computing without employing digital asset management software to protect you from hardware malfunction and increase your business’ efficiency doesn’t make a lot of sense. Create a better work environment and utilise the latest DAM technology to keep tabs on and protect your media.

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