Trifecta Horse Betting Techniques

Horse betting enthusiasts after learning the Win, Place & Show bets should move forward to a more advanced and fun betting style. Learning all the types of horse betting can give you an edge into creating your own horse betting winning strategy. Trifecta betting can reward the bettor substantial amounts of money if successful, but the likelihood of making a successful straight trifecta bet is remote. The variants of trifecta betting for most bettors are safer.

Straight Trifecta Bet

This may be the bet to go if you are really pushing to earn big in horse betting. This bet involves picking and sequencing the top three horses correctly. In its most basic form, a trifecta bet consists of picking three horses to finish in a specific order in a horse race. In its most complex form, trifecta betting involves keying multiple horses for a certain finishing position in various combinations horse race malaysia that improve your chances of winning. This is also known as Trifecta Wheel betting.

How to Make a Trifecta Bet

First you must already be familiar with the interface of the sportsbook site you joined in, otherwise it’s not too late to learn it and get familiar.

Make you picks for the horse that you think will take the first, second and third position, remember that it should be in the exact order you specified.

To make a successful straight trifecta bet, you must pick three horses and those horses must finish in the order you specified. Advanced horse bettors might choose to place a Trifecta Wheel bet by choosing more than one horse to finish in a certain position. For example, horse “Jones” is selected to win, horses “Smith” or “Charlie” are BOTH selected to take second place, and horse “William” is selected to take third place.

Beginners should know what the amount of the minimum bet is and should start with that amount until they get the hang of it or truly understands the betting type. Commonly the minimum bet is $2, so rookies should work with that first.

Example of a Trifecta Straight bet:

$2 Straight Trifecta on Horses 13-9-4 means you are betting $2 that horses 13, 9, and 4 will finish first, second, and third in consecutive order, respectively.

Don’t forget that behind a great bet is a well researched information to back that up. Otherwise you may have to lose your bet. Always do your homework first in order to make your bet successful most of the time.

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