Tour Edge Golf Clubs – Where Performance and Affordability Meet

Tour Edge Golf Clubs provide high-end style and performance at a very reasonable price point. Their exceptional golf clubs and accessories can be purchased easily, through a long list of internet companies and on-site dealer locations. A thorough list of these dealers and links to their respective companies are available on the Tour Edge website. There are many club manufacturers to choose from and settling on one can be difficult. So, why choose Tour Edge over other golf club manufacturers? The answer to this question is four-fold: Style, performance, price and a lifetime guarantee.


Your golf clubs should not only perform well, they should also be able to help you look good out there on the golf course! Tour Edge golf Vclubshop clubs are sleek and aesthetically pleasing, from the men’s “GeoMax” line, to the women’s “Chocolate Moda” line, to the Junior’s “Jr. Max” line.
Many of their clubs are titanium and are emblazoned with a cutting-edge design. Most clubs come complete with leather grips and head covers. Tour Edge even offers fashionable and functional Stand & Cart bags, stylish head covers, gloves, t-shirts and more. Tour Edge can quite literally get you fitted and ready for the golf course, from head to toe.


Tour Edge golf clubs are said by some of the top golf institutions in America, to have crafted some of the most “forgiving” clubs out there on the market. This company is so confident of their club’s performance capabilities that they provide their customers several “trial offers” on their clubs. That means that you can order and use certain clubs for a set period of time with absolutely no obligation to buy if you are not completely satisfied with the club’s performance. In addition to the clubs you can purchase as is, Tour Edge also offers custom clubs that can be made to individual customer specifications.


Compared to other golf clubs in the same performance rating, Tour Edge golf clubs are extraordinarily low priced. Price-points vary and golfers of any financial situation can find a high performance club at an acceptable price. Remember, the Vclubshop price you pay for a Tour edge golf club includes a lifetime guarantee and most clubs come fitted with their own head cover at no additional charge. In addition, many Tour Edge clubs are available for preowned purchase, which can usually cut up to $40 off the price of a club being sold in good condition.

Lifetime Guarantee

Tour Edge golf clubs are made to last you a lifetime. To that end, the company is willing to give every single purchaser of a new club a lifetime guarantee. If your new club is damaged or broken in your lifetime, you are able to exchange it for a brand new club. There are not many companies out there confident enough in their product to back it with this kind of guarantee. The exchange process is simple, easy and quick in order to let you get your new club and get back Vclubshop out there on the golf course in no time.

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