Roofer Marketing – Open Your Eyes, There’s a Lead!

As many of you may already know, my background is in Real Estate and Mortgage Lending! It is there that I learned how to market my business and realized that I was pretty good at it! With that being said, I wanted to share with you a quick roofer marketing strategy that you can use to drum up some business.

So let’s dive right in shall we? I was sitting at lunch with one of my roofing clients the other day going over all his current marketing campaigns! One thing he and Roof repairs many of you do is get out there and knock on doors (which is guerrilla marketing at its best) of homes that look like they could use a new roof and offer to do a free inspection and estimate. Like I mentioned to you earlier, I am a big believer in this strategy for a roofer because I’ve seen it work very well! However, there is a way to perhaps find more “motivated” roof candidates than simply finding someone with a rough looking roof top!

Have you ever driven by a house and seen one of those metal signs in the yard? You know, the ones that are FOR SALE!!!! BAM now that’s a good target. Why is this a good target? When someone is selling a home that has a roof that looks like it is on its last leg, that is a big drawback for a buyer. A buyer may skim over that property simply because they look at a new roof as being a LARGE expense (rightfully so)… but most think that it’s a bigger deal than it really is! So by having an estimate in hand, the seller can say to the buyer that we’ve already had the roof replacement priced out and here’s the estimate. That alone can eliminate a lot of fear for the buyer because now they can see a real bid from a local roofing contractor and know exactly what it’s going to cost to have the new roof put on!

Let me tell you how this ties in to the “Lending” side of a real estate transaction. For most lenders out there, if the roof has a life span of less than three years, they require the roof to be fixed before they will lend money to the buyer of the home. What normally happens is the buyer goes back to the seller and tries to negotiate for them to have the roof replaced. The reason this is good for the roofing contractor is because one way or another if the seller wants to sell this house, the roof must be fixed.

Here’s the strategy… When you are out looking for doors to knock on, look at all the properties that are for sale. Instead of knocking on the door, call the Realtor who has the property listed for sale. Say something like this…

“Mr. or Mrs. Realtor, my name is John Roofer from Quick Fix Roofing. I was driving around the city today and noticed that the property on 123 Any Street that you have listed for sale looked like it might need a new roof. I understand that a bad roof can be a big mental obstacle for a potential buyer so it might be good just to have an estimate in hand to show them. Let’s face it, we both know a roof is expensive but most buyers probably think that it’s more expensive than it really is! Do you think the sellers would mind if I came over and gave a free no obligation estimate?”

If you get an estimate in the home owners hands and that roof ends up being a “required fix” by the lender, there is a REALLY good chance that you are going to get that job. In addition to that, you will begin to build relationships with real estate professionals who will call on you when work needs to be done!

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