Guitar Parts – Tricks And Tips #120 – Using String Trees And Tension Bars

Among many guitar parts and accessories that you can buy and replace yourself easily, string trees play an important role in providing a good tone for your guitar by controlling the behind-the-nut angle of the strings.fender stratocaster parts

Many novice guitar players think that the string trees are only for the looks, not for function. They don’t realize that the use of string trees not only provide tuning stability as well as tonal integrity, but in the case of roller string trees, they could actually help you stay in tune and save you some money by giving you longer life for your guitar strings.

Guitar Jones string trees and tension bars come in many different shapes and sizes to provide perfect “behind-the-nut” angle for your guitar. This is very helpful since if your angle is too shallow, you’ll constantly hear the buzz on the open strings. On the other hand you don’t want the angle to be too steep either.

There are even roller string trees which greatly reduce the friction to help you stay in tune and lengthen the life of your strings.

Some people go further to improve their guitars’ ability to stay in tune. They replace their stock tuners with lockable tuners. These tuners are available for $25.00 – $100.00 on the internet. Many players agree that that’s a small price to pay for being able to stay in tune while they play.



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