Art and Drama Classes For Home School

We all agree that a well-rounded curriculum is key to the success of any home school program. Math, Science, History, Social Studies, etc are fairly easy to incorporate into our studies but how do we give our children exposure to art and drama if we ourselves are not creative? Do we have the budget for adding additional classes?

Some parents opt to enroll their children in an after school arts or drama program. This will give their child an artistic outlet and will also give them the opportunity to socialize with other children their age. Many art classes can be found for as little as $8 a lesson! Many offer group rates which encourages home school parents to combine their class with another home school Dramacool  class–again encouraging socialization.

Many children’s theater groups offer drama as well as music instruction. Often these groups meet once or twice a week for a few months. They produce a play or musical that is then shown to parents and other family members. One group in the Phoenix area offers everything from music video production to full length musicals. These productions include students of all ages–grammar school through 9th grade. Participation can range from a few months to year-long productions.

Drama camp is another option although camps of this type are not offered everywhere. They include classes in dance, drama, singing, and music.

Whether your child likes painting or dancing, there seem to be opportunities for home school parents to tap into that talent and offer their children a creative outlet. This sure beats what was offered to me as a public school kid—glue and construction paper was all that was offered to us. Music lessons consisted of learning a song each semester on the recorder.


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